DGroups are designed for Christian students willing to set aside time for focused Bible study, prayer, and accountability with a group of 2-3 peers and an adult leader. Committing to a group like this will help you to love God deeply, encourage other believers, and be challenged to be consistent in your daily spiritual disciplines. Our DGroups are designed to be a semester long with the option of continuing for 2nd semester if desired. You will be grouped with same sex students near your grade when possible. It is our prayer that your experience would be life changing and that you will no only want to do it again but invite other Christian friends to be a part of a DGroup next time. It is important that you commit fully and make your meeting times a priority or the integrity of the group will break down. Because of the limited people in each group, if one can not meet, you will be encouraged to find another time to meet during the week so that all can be a part of each discipleship session.

Through DGroups you will prayerfully grow in 4 areas.

  1. Relationship to God
  2. Relationship with God’s family, the church
  3. Relationship with your personal family
  4. Relationship to the world

What will happen in a DGroup Meeting?

  1. You will read God’s Word each week together
  2. You will complete short assignments each week in preparation for the next week’s meeting
  3. You will talk deeply about what you are reading.
  4. You will ask and respond to accountability questions
  5. You will pray together
  6. You will agree to keep things that are said to yourself and you accept one another unconditionally.

If you are interested in participating in a DGroup, you  can click on the link below and fill out the online form or contact Kenny at kenny.stanteen@fbcclinton.org or call his office at 601-926-9104.